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Benefits of Out-Sourcing a Data Protection Officer


A data protection officer is an appointed official in an organization, whose chief responsibility is to ensure that the organization complies with the set standards and laws of data protection.

In Kenya it is not mandatory for organizations to have Data Protection Officer, but organizations are finding it increasingly necessary to appoint one. The right to privacy is a Human Right, recognized as such by universal conventions and even a majority of countries domestic laws.

Several countries have enacted data privacy laws to protect this right to privacy. It is important that organization’s treat data protection with the gravity it deserves and have qualified professionals that take lead in the implementation of the organization data policy while ensuring compliance to the various national and international set standards and laws.

Key Responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer

Some of the roles that the DPOs are expected to take on in an organization are:

  • advising the data controller or data processor and their employees on data processing requirements provided under the Act or any other written law;
  • ensuring compliance with the Law;
  • facilitating capacity building of staff involved in data processing operations;
  • providing advice on data protection impact assessment;
  • co-operating with the DPC and any other authority on matters relating to data protection.
  • monitoring and evaluating the efficiency of the data systems in the organization; and
  • keeping written records of the processing activities of the civil registration entity.

Why Outsource our DPO service?

  • Outsourcing our Data Protection Officer gives you instant access to qualified and certified Data protection experts to work with your organization, either on a full time or part time basis. Our DPOs are trained on both the national and international data privacy standards and regulation and are a great resource for multinationals and organizations that operate in more than one country.


  • The hiring process of a qualified DPO might prove time consuming and quite the expense, outsourcing solves that problem for your organization. We have a large pool of certified data protection professionals to work with you on the go.


  • Outsourcing our Data Protection Officer allows you to use the service on need basis, allowing great value for your money. Our Data Protection officer offers you a flexible solution that allows you to pay for our service only when you need it.


  • Our Outsourced Data Protection officer is supported by a range of qualified experts in IT, Law and Cyber security, allowing you access the service of experts from different fields at a fixed monthly subscription fee


  • Outsourcing our DPO gives you access to the service without the additional expense of having to worry about HR requirements including, PAYE, NSSF, NHIF. This is great especially for startup, micro and small enterprises which have to think about cost minimization.