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Data Subject Management

Data Subject Management

Data subjects are the individuals, whose personal data is processed by an organization.

The Data Protection Act and the GDPR affords data subjects the right to access personal data and supplementary information, the right to have inaccurate personal data rectified, or completed if it is incomplete, the right to erasure in certain circumstances.

Data subjects may wish to enforce their rights to access, correct, or erase data held by the Organizations that hold personal data of consumers. With this in mind organizations need to be prepared for the management of these requests.

At Barizi Data Privacy Services we   help   you to manage and respond to data subject access request through our Data Subject Access Requests (SAR) and Data Subject Access Requests (SAR) quality assurance services

We review any redaction work, provide an assessment of your organizations completed documentation, and ensure compliance with relevant data protection laws.

We provide you with an evaluation of the documents, and provide expert advice on any amendments, deletion if necessary.

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