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International Data Transfer Compliance

The Data Protection Act requires, certain prior strict compliance requirements for Data Controllers and Data Processors before they are allowed to transfer and process Data outside the country. We help you comply with this requirement by offering you the following services:

Liaison with the office of the Data Commissioner

We correspond with the office of the Data commissioner on your behalf to:

Obtaining consent from the Data Subjects

We assist you to obtaining consent of a data subject and on obtaining confirmation of appropriate safeguards.

Kenyan Data Center Representative

For certain nature of processing that can only be effected through a server or a data centre located in Kenya, we offer our offices as data centers and provide you with the necessary establishment details such as an email address, local telephone number answered in the local language, physical address, and a translation service that enables us to correspond in any major language.

Our representation service also includes access to our advice line service and regular information and advice on data protection issues that may impact your operations

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