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BDPS Incidence Response Retainer

Incidence response is becoming a crucial part of business continuity processes. The faster you can address any incidences and its consequences the faster you can get on with your business. At BDPS we understand the need for business as usual in the event of a breach, our mission is to empower businesses with comprehensive, tailored solutions that safeguard their operations against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. With cutting-edge technology and a team of seasoned professionals, we stand as your trusted partner, fortifying your organization’s resilience in the face of adversity.

What we offer

  1. Prompt access to world class expertise in breach notification, data protection and incidence response.
  2. Round the clock and swift response to address any incidences or emergencies, guaranteeing you a peace of mind.
  3. Minimal business disruptions.
  4. Flexible plans to choose from.
  5. Roll over any unused credit upon renewal of the service.
  6. No minimum consultation hours.
  7. Access to top-notch industry tools for your specific task.
  8. Negotiated insurance premiums to safeguard your bottom line during an incidence crisis.

Benefits of our customized Incidence Response Retainer.

  1. Expert Guidance: One of the key benefits of our Incident Response Retainer is access to expert guidance from a team of highly experienced professionals. Our experts possess industry certifications and extensive experience in incident response, ensuring that your organization receives top-notch guidance and support. By leveraging the expertise of our team and collaborating with your internal experts, we can effectively address any concerns and bring incidents to a clear resolution. This partnership between our experts and your internal teams promotes knowledge sharing and enables a more efficient and effective incident response process.
  2. Reduced Costs: Incident response can be a costly undertaking, both in terms of financial expenses and reputational damage. By opting for our customized Incident Response Retainer, you can proactively manage and mitigate these costs. Our pricing structure is designed to reflect the value and complexity of incident response, ensuring that you receive cost-effective services aligned with your organization’s specific needs. Additionally, having a retainer in place eliminates the need for ad-hoc emergency response engagements, which may incur higher costs. This streamlined approach to incident response helps optimize your cybersecurity budget and minimizes the potential financial impact of cybersecurity incidents.
  3. Timely Incident Resolution: With our Incident Response Retainer, you benefit from a swift and efficient incident resolution process. Prearranged communication channels and predefined response playbooks allow for a rapid response to incidents, reducing recovery times and minimizing potential damage. Our incident response team is available 24/7, ensuring that you have access to timely assistance and expertise whenever an incident arises. By working closely with your organization, we can investigate and contain threats efficiently, allowing your business operations to resume normalcy as quickly as possible.
  4. Proactive Approach: Our Incident Response Retainer encourages a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Beyond reacting to incidents, our retainer provides opportunities for proactive measures such as threat hunting, tabletop exercises, and compromise assessments. These activities help identify potential vulnerabilities and gaps in your network infrastructure, allowing for preventive measures to be implemented before adversaries have the chance to exploit them. This approach ensures that you stay one step ahead of cyber threats and minimize the likelihood of breaches or incidents.
  5. Holistic Service Offering: Apart from the core incident response services, our retainer offers additional benefits that distinguish us from other providers. These may include comprehensive training programs, cyber range exercises, intelligence on-demand, and purple teaming engagements. Our one-size-fits-all package is tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs, eliminating the hassle of cobbling together multiple solutions from different vendors. By providing a full suite of services under one roof, our retainer ensures a holistic and integrated approach to incident response, streamlining your cybersecurity operations and maximizing their effectiveness.
  6. Continuous Improvement and Lessons Learned: Our Incident Response Retainer promotes a culture of continuous improvement and learning. After each incident, our team conducts a thorough post-mortem analysis to identify lessons learned and areas for improvement. These insights are shared with your organization, enabling you to enhance your incident response capabilities and refine your cybersecurity strategy. By continually learning from past incidents, your organization can strengthen its defenses and minimize the impact of future cybersecurity threats.

Our Services

  1. Pre-Incident Reporting and Analysis: Our Incident Response Retainer goes beyond merely addressing immediate incidents. We offer additional benefits in the form of cybersecurity incident reporting and analysis. Our team collects and analyzes data from common incidents to identify patterns, trends, and potential vulnerabilities. By leveraging this analysis, we can provide valuable insights and recommendations to strengthen your organization’s overall cybersecurity posture. This proactive approach helps identify potential weaknesses and enables you to implement necessary measures to prevent future incidents.
  2. Preparation: We assist your organizations in developing a well-defined and comprehensive incident response plan. This plan outlines the roles and responsibilities of team members, communication procedures, and the steps to be taken in the event of a cyber incident. It also involves identifying critical assets and potential vulnerabilities.
  3. Incident Detection: Our Cyber incident response services employs advanced technologies and monitoring systems to detect anomalies, intrusions, or suspicious activities within an organization’s network or systems. This proactive monitoring ensures that incidents are identified promptly.
  4. Response: When a cyber incident is detected, we provide a structured and immediate response. These involve isolating affected systems, containing the incident to prevent further damage, and initiating an investigative process.
  5. Recovery: Once the incident is contained and understood, recovery efforts begin. We s help organizations in restoring affected systems and data to normal operation. This may involve data recovery, system rebuilding, and improving security measures to prevent similar incidents.
  6. Containment: A critical aspect of our incident response strategy is containing the incident to prevent it from spreading and causing further damage. This may involve isolating compromised systems, blocking malicious traffic, and implementing temporary solutions to protect critical assets. Post-Incident Remediation and Mitigation: Recovering from a cybersecurity incident involves more than just incident response. Our Incident Response Retainer provides a comprehensive package that includes post-incident remediation and mitigation services. Our experts work closely with your organization to conduct detailed investigations to determine the nature and scope of the incident. This includes identifying the source of the attack, understanding the attack vector, assessing the impact on systems and data. and implementing appropriate remediation strategies. This may include conducting vulnerability assessments, patching or upgrading systems, improving security controls, and providing employee training on cybersecurity best practices. By addressing the root causes of incidents and implementing robust safeguards, future risks can be significantly reduced.
  7. Litigation Support: In the unfortunate event of a cybersecurity incident, our Incident Response Retainer offers valuable litigation support. Our team of experts includes professionals with extensive experience in cybersecurity law and regulations. They can assist your organization in navigating the legal aspects of a breach, ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to comply with data protection and privacy laws. From providing guidance on breach notification requirements to assisting with evidence collection and documentation, our litigation support services can help you mitigate regulatory and legal risks associated with cybersecurity incidents.
  8. Breach Notification to Supervisory Authorities and Data Subjects: One of the critical responsibilities following a cybersecurity incident is timely and accurate breach notification. Our Incident Response Retainer includes comprehensive support for breach notification processes. Our team of experts can guide you through the complex process of notifying supervisory authorities and affected data subjects, ensuring compliance with applicable data protection regulations.

Our Packages




Response Time Service Levels 

Incident support contact within 2 hours (24/7/365) 

Incident support contact within 4 hours (24/7/365 

Service Credits Application 

100% retainer credits for selected cyber risk consulting service 

100% retainer credits can be applied to any cyber risk consulting service 

Roll over credits 

Upto 5% of unused service credits may be applied to the following year upon renewal of service 

Upto 15% of unused service credit may be applied to the following year upon renewal of service 

Rate discount 

5% discount on any additional hourly-based incident response service 

15% discount on any additional hourly-based incident response service 

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

An incident response retainer is a pre-paid agreement between our company and the client. In the event of a cybersecurity incident, our team is available to provide immediate assistance and support. The retainer ensures that clients have a dedicated team and resources on standby to quickly respond to any security breach or cyber incident.
Having an incident response retainer provides numerous benefits. It ensures a rapid response to cyber incidents, minimizes the duration of an attack, reduces the impact of a breach, and helps in preserving evidence for legal purposes. By having a retainer, organizations can enhance their cyber resilience and mitigate potential damages.
Absolutely. As part of our incident response retainer service, we offer incident readiness assessments. Our experts will evaluate your organization’s existing incident response capabilities, identify any gaps or vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations to strengthen your incident readiness.
Our team is ready to respond promptly. Upon activation, we will initiate our incident response process, deploy our experienced professionals, and start working on containment, analysis, and mitigation measures to minimize the impact of the incident.
Our incident response retainer covers a wide range of cyber incidents, including but not limited to malware infections, data breaches, ransomware attacks, phishing incidents, insider threats, and network intrusions. Our team has the expertise to handle various scenarios effectively.
We have a diverse client base that spans across different industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, government, and more. We have extensive experience working with organizations in various sectors, and our approach is adaptable to industry-specific challenges and compliance requirements.
The specifics of the retainer hours and scope of coverage are agreed upon in the retainer agreement with each client. We work closely with our clients to tailor the retainer to their specific needs, ensuring that the agreement aligns with their incident response requirements.
Yes, our incident response retainer service includes post-incident activities such as digital forensics, evidence collection, incident analysis, and remediation efforts. Our goal is to provide end-to-end support, from initial response to recovery and prevention of future incidents.
Absolutely. Our incident response experts are well-versed in regulatory requirements and can provide guidance during regulatory investigations or legal proceedings. We can help you navigate the complex legal landscape associated with cyber incidents.
Once you suspect or confirm a cybersecurity incident, you can contact our dedicated incident response hotline or designated point of contact provided in the retainer agreement. Our team will be ready to spring into action and guide you through the incident response process.

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